Final Exam Announcement

Please do not worry that you will need to take the Intro. to Algorithms final today. We will announce a modification to the final exam and grading plans once the network is restored.

4:20 pm on 5/7/2021

Jianxi Gao

Dear Rensselaer Students,

As you are likely aware, suspension of access to the Rensselaer network has impacted final exams, research, and other academic activities. We are writing to communicate that all final exams and submissions (e.g., term papers, project reports) scheduled or due for Monday (May 10th) and Tuesday (May 11th) are canceled. Modifications to grading policies designed to accommodate this disruption are being developed and will be communicated in due time. Grading modifications will also apply to any exam that was disrupted on Friday (May 7th after 11:00 AM). Information about exams scheduled for Wednesday (May 12th) will be forthcoming.

You can find the official announcement at https://sites.google.com/view/rpi-csci/.


Dear Intro to Algo sect5-8,

If you have any questions, you can send to my new course email: algorithm.rpi.cs@gmail.com


The New Policy

CSCI 2300 INTRODUCTION TO ALGORITHMS: Your final course grade will be calculated as 60% for your exam average and 40% for your assignment average. This replaces the original grading scheme where the final average is the minimum of the assignment average and the exam average because assignment averages are so much higher. To compute your exam average, count each midterm exam as 50%; no extra credit will apply to exams. Specifics for computing the assignment average differ by section and are as follows:

Sections 01-04: To compute your assignment average, count the homeworks as 60%, the recitations as 20%, and the quizzes as 20%.

Sections 05-08: To compute your assignment average, count the homeworks as 90% and office hours attendance as 10%; The 2 lowest homework grades and office hour attendance grades will be dropped.


Check Your Final Score

Your final score is likely to be ready by 6 pm today. Send an email to algorithm.rpi.cs@gmail.com to check your final score. If you have any questions, please contact us by 9 am tomorrow.


Introduction to Algorithms (CSCI2300)

Introduction to Algorithms (CSCI2300,sections 5-8)

This class will be online for the entire semester, and live class videos will be using webex link below.

Instructor Information:

Webex Lectures: Webex Link

Class Hours: 10:10AM-12:00PM Mon/Thurs

Syllabus: CSCI2300 Syllabus

Online Forum and Submission Links

Submitty : https://submitty.cs.rpi.edu/courses/s21/csci2300sec5to8

TA and Mentors

TA and Mentor office hours are by sections below:

Class Schedule: Lectures

Tentative course schedule is given below. The topics are subject to change, but the dates for the Exams are fixed.

Class Schedule

Office Schedule

We will have more office hours from TA and Mentors. You can access the WebEx meeting through the RCS.-userid.