Introduction to Network Science (CSCI4964) 2021 Fall

This class will be fully in-person for the entire semester if no new announcement.

Instructor Information:

Class Hours: 10:00AM-11:50PM Tue/Fri

Syllabus: CSCI4964 Syllabus

Online Forum and Submission Links

Submitty : https://submitty.cs.rpi.edu/courses/f21/csci4964


We do not have the classroom assignment until now and may have our first lecture online. If this is the case, please use the link https://rensselaer.webex.com/meet/gaoj8 to join the class.


We only have in-person classes from this Friday.


If a student tests positive (or reports a positive external test result to Student Health Services), the student will be contacted directly by Student Life (or Student Health Services) and given individualized instructions, including whether self-isolation will be necessary. According to CDC guidelines, fully vaccinated individuals may not require quarantine, although this will be determined on an individual basis by Student Health Services. The positive student will be monitored by the Health Center and Class Deans throughout the isolation period. Contact tracing will occur, where likely close contacts (faculty, students and/or staff) will also be contacted and if fully vaccinated, be asked to be tested more frequently (at first), monitor for symptoms and possibly in rare instances asked to quarantine. Students are not expected to contact faculty about their testing status, and if information about a positive test is offered, the students should be referred to Student Health immediately. Faculty may not always be informed if a student in their class tests positive unless they are believed to have been in close contact with the student involved. If contacted, the information will likely come from a Class Dean or from Student Health Services.

Group 1 (Presentation on 10/5/21)

Allen, William J.

Allwein, John C.

Bacon, Will A.

Blankenship, Emelia G.

Della Vecchia, Daniel R.

Ferguson, Hayden

Putlock, Jeff E.

Kopp, Daniel R.

Lee, Kevin H.

Li, Yifan

Maria, Christopher J.

McCaffery, Ian H.

Group 2 (Presentation on 10/8/21)

Mulhall, Matthew F.

Murtishi, Armend B.

Pedroso, Noah J.

Jerrett, Chris J.

Ross, Austen J.

Scott, Kevin Z.

Solitaire, Dana

Uryga, Matthew N.

Wang, Kevin

Wang, Yu Kai

Wang, Zhihao

Woods, Chace M.